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June 22, 2007

A very warm welcome to my little home in the vast expanse of cyberworld.
The purpose of this site is to connect with the resources to empower you.
Financially, Spiritually,Emotionally,Mentally.
It is my sincere desire that while visiting my cyberhome(Marcs Place) you find something that adds value to your life.

Spiritual Growth:
A few of the groups included.
Kabbalah, Sufi, Alchemy,Channeling, Ishaya, Meditation, Yoga.
Each group offers some of the most profound knowledge about the purpose of life, healing of the soul, guidence to live a more fulfilling life, and understnding ones self and why you are here

Books to inspire:
This section will connect you to some very inspiring authors.
ie: Marrianne Williamson- A course in miracles
Tony Robbins- Get the edge.

Small Business:
Have you ever wanted to start your own business. In this section you will find some genuine opportunities to choose from.
No get rich quick, MLM or health products.

Just some down to earth opportunities to help you live a more abundant life.
Finding your passion and purpose. Within you lies the answer to live your dreams, and live a life of passion.

Life Coaches:
Here you can connect to others to help you to fulfill all that you desire. If its more money, better health, or resolving past issues.
Sometimes we all need assistance to help us along.

In this very moment you have the opportunity to have whatever you desire. It is a matter of choice.
You can choose to be happy- or not. Every thought you have determins the life you desire.

Click here to take a free compatibility test and learn what the stars say about your love life.

Please take a few moments to watch this very inspiring video.

We are like magnets. Like attracts like. You become and attract what you think about.
Every thought has a frequency. Thoughts send out magnetic energy.
What you focus on you keep attracting.
Thought = Creation. If these thoughts are attached to powerful emotions(good or bad)that speeds up the process.
You attract your dominant thoughts.
Choose your thoughts carefully-you are the creator of your life.
Everything in your life you have attracted.
Your thoughts create your feelings.
You get exactly what you are feeling.
What you think and feel and what actually manifests is always a match-no exceptions.
Apply the Law Of Attraction, the universe will re-arrange itself accordingly.
You dont need to know how the universe is going to do this.
Start by using the sentence. “I am so happy and greatfull now…“
The universe likes speed. Dont delay, when the opportunity or impulse is there-act
You can start with nothing and out of nothing or no way a way will be found.
What can you do right now to turn your life around?

Gratitude will bring more into your life.
What are you greatful for.
Play the picture in your mind.
A positive affirmation is 100 times more powerful than a negative one.
Set a goal so big it blows your mind.
We are mass energy. Everything is energy.

We are: Love, Compassion, Joy, Bliss, Happiness, Giving, Sensual, Passionate, Mystical, Mysterious.

We are children of the light
We are magnificant
As we awaken and unite to the beauty of who we are we shall once again experience our divinity.

I choose to accept that i am God/Goddess
You and I are physical manifestations of God/Goddess
We are perfection
There is no you and me. There is only One.
The gift of love is yours and mine to share
All we need do is embrace this truth that is within us
We are worthy to receive all that we desire
We are beautiful beings of Pure Light and Love
We are spiritual beings having a human experiance

I hope this site inspires you to go within and discover the gifts that lie within your soul and to use these gifts to empower yourself and others.

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5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded

OVER the years, hypnosis has picked up all sorts of weird associations from stage hypnotists, the media and superstition. This is a great shame, because in reality, hypnosis is your single most effective tool for change. Hypnosis is your birthright, and you should know how to use it so it doesn’t use you. Here we dispel the biggest hypnosis myths.

Hypnosis Myth 1) All hypnosis is the same

As with anything, hypnosis can be good, bad or indifferent. The most common is old-style authoritarian hypnosis of the type “You are getting sleepy, you are feeling confident”. Unsurprisingly, this sort of hypnosis doesn’t work well with many people. Good hypnosis uses subtle psychological principles and advanced communication patterns.

It’s like the difference between a football coach who thinks you’ll perform best if he yells at you, compared with the more elegant style of a great leader who knows that to get the best from his people, he needs to understand motivation, to cajole, encourage and reward.

Hypnosis offers hundreds of sessions using the best type of hypnosis.

Hypnosis Myth 2) Subliminals work

Subliminals are words that you can’t hear. Common sense says they shouldn’t work, and there’s no research proving that they do.

Hypnosis Myth 3) Some people can’t be hypnotized

The only reason you can’t be hypnotized is if you are incapable of paying attention due to extremely low IQ or brain damage. That’s not to say that every hypnotist can hypnotize you however. The more flexible the hypnotist, the more effective she will be with the largest number of people.

Hypnosis Myth 4) Hypnosis is something weird that other people do to you

If you couldn’t go into hypnosis, you wouldn’t be able to sleep, to learn, or get nervous through ‘negative self hypnosis’. (You know when you imagine things going wrong and it makes you feel anxious? Well that’s self hypnosis!)

Hypnosis is simply a deliberate utilization of the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) or dream state. We’re not giving people medication here – if it wasn’t a natural ability, hypnosis wouldn’t work!

Hypnosis Myth 5) You lose control in hypnosis

Crazy news stories, stage hypnotists and gossip have created the illusion that you lose control in hypnosis. In fact, when hypnotized, you are relaxed and focused – and able to choose to get up and walk away at any time. You choose to give your attention to the hypnotist, and you can withdraw it at any time.

If you have been scared of hypnosis in the past, this article has hopefully convinced you to at least give it a try. But remember, ensure what you’re getting is the real thing. Visit

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Article by Mark Tyrrell of Hypnosis

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